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Giving Hope, Help, and a Home for Immigrants

Mesa, AZ is a low-cost immigration legal aid clinic supported by Phoenix area local churches and interested individuals. We are located in Mesa and offer immigration legal advice and representation to the low-income immigrant community in the Phoenix Metro Area.

Providing immigrants with
The HOPE of the gospel,
HELP finding a pathway to legal residency
and a HOME in a church that cares for their needs

Our Mission


Citizenship through Naturalization

Family-Based Visa Petitions

Green Card Renewals or Replacements

Visa for Victims of Violence (VAWA)

Visa for Victims of Crimes (U-Visas)

DACA Renewals

**At this time we cannot help with cases involving Asylum or Court**

Immigrant Hope Mesa

Phone: (480) 524-8131
Address: 1818 E Southern Ave, Suite 4A
Mesa, AZ 85204

(Building 2. On the East side of Redemption West Mesa Church)
Monday - Thursday (10am - 5pm)
Friday - Sunday (Closed)

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